Saturday, August 25, 2012

Starting the Fight!

Fighting for the right to safely access medical marijuana by using the State's dispensary model. We are an organization group who is in major support of White Mountain Health Center vs Bill Montgomery. This lawsuit is one of the most important lawsuits in medical marijuana history! This case is the key to "free the weed" for medical marijuana patients across Arizona and potentially throughout the United States. The outcome could effect all MMJ states, patients and their ability to safely access their medicine. In this case, Bill Montgomery is trying to act on his own personal agenda and is overstepping his right as the Maricopa County Attorney. Instead of observing and protecting the State of Arizona's voted in AMMA laws, he is attempting to act, out of jurisdiction, by enforcing federal law and urging the courts to rule that federal law trumps state law. We need your help and support! Donate to the cause at   Please help us saveazmmj!